Collection: Magnets

At Defamations, we take our humour seriously. Our magnets are the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humour and our selection of rude and inappropriate magnets will get the laughs started.

Whether you're looking for something to give as a joke or something to make you giggle every time you walk past the fridge, we've got a cool fridge magnet for everyone.

Sweary and Inappropriate Office Magnets

You know you want to slip one of these into your manager's office, right? It's worth staying that extra ten minutes to slide one onto their filing cabinet or whiteboard.

Sticks anywhere that's metal. It's solid, made of metal and won't slide off. So, go ahead and gather a couple of stupid memos and put a WTF magnet square in the middle. You can call it an act of sanity restoration and indulge in an inner giggle whenever you have to deal with that shit again.

Start turning heads and start laughing today.