Crap we care about


We Care


At Defamations, we might be politically incorrect, but do we care? Nope. What we do care about is when someone plays funny buggers with the environment.

Defamations is a Carbon Neutral company. Our greeting cards are printed in Australia using FSC Certified Stock. All our cards are environmentally friendly. We also encourage all our staff to wear hemp undies. FSC is also the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local indigenous peoples to protect their rights.

For the record, Defamations dislike people who hunt wild animals for trophies, are racist and show no regard for the environment. When we say ‘ethical warriors’, we’re not talking peace, love and mung beans; we’re talking about sending Flea around if you behave in any way unethically. Everyone should have a friend called Flea. ☺

So, if you see anyone being a tosser, if you catch wankers putting recycling in the wrong-coloured bin or harming the environment, please give them a rude awakening. Tell them they can do more. If that doesn’t work, let us know, and we’ll out them quicker than Marcel Proust telling his mum he's gay.


Unruly fun times • No limits • Four letter words • Sarcasm • Taking the piss • Naughty thoughts • Midnight cheese-on-toast • Thursday Night Drinks • Friday Night Drinks • Saturday Night Drinks • Dark, dark chocolate • Going too far • Memory Lapses.


We’re a family-owned business. Well, we’ve always presumed we were family. Our motto is, “Live your life as though you live in a cult.” So, we did! Gee, we’re a lucky bunch. Like mum always said, “Some kids only have one Dad, you’ve got three.”

Our products are designed in Australia and dispatched from our shed by our two trained staff called “Get the Fuck Out” and “Get the Fuck Here”.

Most of our team live and work close by in some shit-kicking town. We think it’s called ‘Seeyawhenimlookinatyou’, which Dad used to say when he locked the door in my face.


Defamations is all about creating a memorable experience. We want to be the fucking opposite of everyone else.

None of that “Oh dear, don’t do it that way, ‘cos it will upset some bearded, toga-wearing, save-the-fucking-hornygoat- weed-from-extinction cry-baby.”

None of that friggin politically correct bullshit for us. We provide fun and occasionally dangerous employment for our staff, i.e, cousins.

Fuck yeah. Sign me up.