About Us

 Welcome to the shit show 

A Cheeky
hot young company
looking to get
up to no good.

For the record, our second favourite F-word is Friday.

We're Defamations, and we are about to light up your lives and prove that homegrown Aussie naughtiness is the funniest.

Defamations is a delightfully unique offering, part positive spin, part rude as all fuck, but definitely, a living reminder that here in Oz, we love taking the piss out of everyone. We love a laugh. We love innuendo. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We really do love dropping the F-bomb! It's therapeutic, a stress release and a fabulous way of sticking your middle finger up at the world. We are all sinners, and we love being bad.

Defamations products are perfect for giving your best friend, your husband, your wife, your boss, your grown-up kids or the cockhead down the road that has driven you nuts for years. Homegrown Aussie dirt is the funniest shit this side of fucking anywhere.

It's pretty fair to say you will be as happy as a dog with two dicks when you deal with Defamations. Never forget what doesn't kill you makes you the proud owner of a bunch of unhealthy coping mechanisms and an alarmingly dark sense of humour.

Finally, please note; we do not encourage the unmindful use of swear words. To the contrary, we embrace it. Fuck. Shit. Bitch! How good does it feel? What a stress release! Fuck yeah! Taking the piss out of family and friends is as Australian as a big fucking kangaroo.

You might think we don't give a fuck about anything, but you'd be wrong.

Have a fabulously fucked-up day.

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