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DFC001 - Draw your flaw cards - Red

DFC001 - Draw your flaw cards - Red

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Box: 58 x 76 x 35 mm. Cards: 46 x 64mm. Boxed set of 56 blunt af oracle cards plus instructions

Need a break from toxic positivity? Not vibing with the whole love and light angel oracle card shitshow? Ready for a blunt appraisal? When life is completely fucked-up and continually deals you bullshit, shift your little pity party and face your demons!

Draw Your Flaw oracle cards are life's karmic payback. Use them to peer into the dark side of life and access hidden demons and sharp truths.

This version comes with a snazzy red and pink box design.

1. Shuffle.
2. Hold the whole pack for a moment.
3. Choose a card or chuck them in the air to see what shit you're in for today.

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