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DFK - Fuck! - 24 card pack

DFK - Fuck! - 24 card pack

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115 x 80 x 30 mm. Gift set of 24 cards with timber display stand

Crows can't stop saying it. It's arguably the world's most used rude word. It's everybody's second favourite F word after Friday. It expresses delight, frustration, disbelief, surprise and happiness. So, if you don't want to be a total fuck-up this is your chance to stay at home and learn to use the word fuck. So when someone asks you, "What the fuck does that mean?" You don't have to answer, "I don't fucking know." Farrrk!!!

Little Defamations packs feature 24 suggestions for daily usage of some seriously naughty words. Defamations are not meant to offend or inflame. They merely recognise the fact we can't all be sweetness and light all of the time. The perfect gift for friends and family who don't take life too seriously.

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