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DJC001 - Piss off - funny jumbo farewell card

DJC001 - Piss off - funny jumbo farewell card

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210 x 297 mm. Blank inside. Paired with kraft envelope

Piss off! Uh‚ what we mean to say is; goodbye and good luck.

You know what they say about big cards? That's right, big envelopes! Wait, what did you think we were gonna say? Get your mind out of the gutter! Our Jumbo Cards are just what you need when you've got a whole gaggle of people with their pens at the ready to sign a card for someone you'll all miss (or just can't wait to get rid of).

Our Defamations Jumbo Greeting Card range is designed in our Defamations Studio and printed on eco-friendly paper in Australia.

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